Somali Peace Line
vulnerable children in need of family tracing, legal, medical, material support and counseling services
Lack of proper income for parents in both Shebelle regions has increased child trafficking.

SCI and SPL with the help of Ministry of Puntland worked together to reunify the 4 children (3 girl and 1 Boys) trafficked children from Bosaso and Baidoa with their parents and caregivers in Jowhar and Mogadishu.

SPL used case management practice in the reunification process and also provided support to the parents including paying the air fare of one child from Baidoa to Mogadishu and Land transportation cost for three Parents arriving from Jowhar to Mogadishu. SPL also provided material support to 3 of the Trafficked children included (Mobiles and SIM Cards). In addition, SCI Mogadishu Office supported children through provision material support including mattress and dignity Kits. SPL and SCI staff informed the parents not to allow their children to be trafficked again.