Somali peace line is committed the empowerment of Somali people through peace building, protection of human right and research by providing them with proper knowledge and skills that enable to solve their internal problem.
SPL wants to see a justice peace in Somalia.
Contributed community empowerment in peacebuilding and protection of human rights in collaboration with key stakeholders.
1.Maintain non-partisan both politically and socially.

Somali Peace Line is impartial organization that strongly believes the concept of neutrality in solving conflicts. SPL never sided with any party during the conflict and always looked for consensus among the parties in conflict.
1. To contribute to the building of sustainable peace and stability in Somalia

2. To build the capacities of the community groups to enable them solve their internal problems, through research, conflict resolution, consultation meetings and discussions with specific issues and public concerns.
Organizational Philosophy
SPL is committed to persuade the Somali society to be amenable to understand themselves and their nature, their potentials and limitations, their place in the universe and relationships with each other and with whole mankind.
Organizational Structure
The General Assembly is the highest body of SPL. It has a governing body, which comprises a chairman, programme manager, Admin and finance manager and project managers that mobilizes the required resources and ensures effective management of the organization.
Organizational Background
Somali Peace Line (SPL) was founded in October 1995, following the Second European International Congress of Somali Studies on Culture of Peace for Somalia held in Paris, France, 25-27 October 1995. SPL is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization. Its principles are based on the recommendations of the Paris Conference and other conferences held in and outside Somalia. SPL has adopted unwavering impartiality in all its activities on peace building in Somalia. Somali Peace Line had confronted immediately after its formation by rapidly deteriorating security situations in Somalia, total social chaos, and lack of funds to cope up with the difficult challenges ahead of the newly born organization. Despite the existence of these problems, SPL had faced the difficulties and continued its peacebuilding operations, with the help of meager contributions donated by the SPL members and charity organizations.
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